November 17, 2017.

Bertrand Baiyelrc-parl

(Yaoundé) – This has been a particularly difficult month for La Republique Du Cameroun and its ruling Junta as they face an increasingly determined challenge from the Ambazonian people and its army, the ADF, as well as diplomatic heartburns as one of the most respected figures in 20th century Africa, former Ghanaian president, Jerry Rawlings, granted an audience to Fon Gorji Dinka, founder of a movement, the Ambazonian movement, a position he used to declare himself president of Ambazonia after escaping house arrest a few decades back in LRC. That Rawlings met with someone titled President of Ambazonia must have caused panic in Yaoundé.

Now, after thinking that its troubles are confined in the Ambazonian territory, LRC suddenly finds itself facing unexplained incidents in its own territory. A couple of months back, residents in Douala woke up to the sound of a loud explosion, an explosion that rumbled the neighborhood and they discovered that but for the walls around it, the Société Camerounaise des Dépôts Pétroliers (SCDP) would have gone up in flames. An attempt had been made to bomb the depot that stores the petroleum shipped as part of the “plunder and exploitation” LRC is carrying out in Ambazonia and part of what is fueling the ongoing battle for self-determination in Ambazonia.

Nobody is claiming the burning down of the parliament building but speculations are rife. It begs the question; was this a direct message to the parliamentarians? One, to just some of them? A message to LRC? Or was this just an accident. We will keep digging, but we find it curious that most of the parliamentarians from Ambazonia had received a few weeks back, letters from the ADF telling them to leave the parliament of LRC, and a message from the Ambazonian Governing Council, telling the people of Ambazonia to occupy their parliamentarian’s office so that they don’t go back to the current session of parliament.

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