Gunmen Kills at Least 3 in attack on Bafut, Bamenda Gendarmerie Control Post

November 07, 2017

Bertrand Baiye

Mankon, Bamenda. — Gunmen clad in military fatigues, and wearing black tee shirts having ADF insignia on the back and military-style rifle in their hands, opened fire on a Gendarmerie post early Wednesday morning in Bafut, killing at least 3 officers turning this tiny town about 25km east of Mankon, Bamenda into a scene straight out of a delta force movie

The motive for the attack became clear early Wednesday when a presenter on the Ambazonia Broadcasting Network Television (ABNtv) made mention of the attack on its online network program on Facebook a few hours after the attack. The ADF which stands for the Ambazonia Defense Forces claims to be the defence force of the people of Ambazonia or Southern Cameroons seeking to restore its independence and vowed to protect and self-defend its people and its territory against invading forces of La Republique du Cameroun(LRC)

I spoke with the presenter of ABNtv a few minutes after he went offline, and he confirmed to me that the ADF in the last few days has carried several attacks on the occupying forces in the Ambazonian territory. He went further to state that these military men from La Republique du Cameroun, on a daily basis continue to torture, beat and kill our people and for that reason, the ADF will continue attacking LRC forces until they pull back east of the mungo river and out of Ambazonia. 

Recent events seem to be showing a dangerously deteriorating situation in the region as it seems as if the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, now have a force increasingly capable of challenging the forces that now occupy the land of Ambazonia. As we get more information, we will bring it to you.





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