Fon Ganyonga III of Balinoyonga Abandons His Solemn Obligation With His Reaction



The statement from the paramount chief of Bali Nyonga dated the 23rd December 2016, in reaction to the “state” burial given to a brave Southern Cameroonian, stating that people paraded his kingdom with a “strange flag” shows that he is incompetent to rule said kingdom. How come a Fon and a Senator in Southern Cameroons show such blatant & selective ignorance in understanding issues of such magnitude affecting his kingdom and beyond is beyond my understanding. Issues affecting Ambazonia AKA Southern Cameroons should be considered something that is an obligation and part of the duties for all Fons, chiefs and leaders of the Ambazonian region who care for their folks and whose duty it is to guard the heritage handed down to them by our forefathers. It is their duty to lead the struggle of freedom for their people and to demand answers to those who kill their subjects rather than those who honor their death. This struggle, these strive for freedom is also a part of the inheritance they accept when they accept the titles freely bestowed on them to lead their people. To hear a Fon (not even a chief) state that he saw people waving a strange flag (The symbol of struggle of the common people of Southern Cameroon) shows that he is either ignorant or working for his personal interest. The later holds true since the issue of Southern Cameroon struggle is inherited as part of the responsibility of Southern Cameroonian chiefs/Fons or elders.

I will like to remind the Fon of Bali that power comes from his subjects. The culture and traditions of the people for too long have been eroded due to leaders going in for personal gains.
The dead Southern Cameroonian who was brought for burial on the 22rd of Dec 2016 was the body of a fallen hero who is not only a hero of your kingdom but of the Southern Cameroons. How strange it is that such a high ranking Fon of the region will all of a sudden develop amnesia to the struggle? You should be reminded that this struggle is a cry by your ancestors and your subjects! The victory of this struggle is coming and will come by any means necessary. How do you want your dynasty to be remembered? A dynasty that left the kingdom in disgrace or one that stood up with its people to liberate them from the shackles of colonialism?

Stand up and be counted on the right side of history. Let me remind you that the flag that was paraded in your kingdom is a flag of liberation of the Southern Cameroon, one that you should respect because now on it are sprinkled the blood of martyrs. Before you were bought over as a senator, you were a Fon. Snap from your dream and lead your subjects with pride and dignity.

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  • Abakwa Times

    The Fon will soon have to realize that he gains legitimacy from the people he rules not from the oppressors and killers he kowtows to.

  • The Fon will soon have to realize that he gains legitimacy from the people he rules not from the oppressors and killers he kowtows to.

  • Abakwa Times

    It surely is a shame when a leader of Bali does not know his own history and the current events happening right in his residence.Maybe he made the statement of a strange flag in an attempt to undermine it’s significance or feign ignorance of the knowledge of the flag.I am sure after that statement some of his subjects have advised him of its meaning.

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