Chinese Warship

The hot rhetoric of Donald Trump that got him elected president of the United States contained a large chunk of anti-China sentiment. If there was any hope that this was just a tactic to get elected and that cooler heads in the Trump team will prevail after election season was over, that hope has been dashed as Trump landed a huge blow to China’s policy that Taiwan was part and parcel of China when he decided to talk directed in a state-v-state manner with the president of Taiwan.

The impact of that conversation between Trump and Taiwan has been felt now for several weeks as China rattled Japan and Taiwan by using its air force to conduct long-range drills this month above the East and South China Seas, the seizure of a US underwater drone in the South China Sea that was later returned earlier December, and now, sending its lone air craft carrier with a group of Chinese warships into the South China Sea December 26.

With the brinkmanship now going on within these superpowers, observers in the area are fearful where this would lead to once Mr. Trump formally assumes power in January 2017.

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