Block By Block, the only way to completely Free Ambazonia By Awoh B.

Block By Block, the only way to completely Free Ambazonia

By Awoh B.

mukongAt long last, Ambazonians all over the world are now beginning to realize that their destiny to become a free and independent country lies in the hands of those who have been telling them the truth and absolute truth about the need to pick up arms as a legitimate means to defend the peace-loving and armless people and the territorial integrity of homeland, Ambazonia. Before Pa Albert Mukong died, he went over to Germany and told a gathering of Ambazonians to follow the leadership of a young leader then who had organized the reception in honour of the man who can be called the IROKO tree of the fight for the liberation of Ambazonia. Holding the hand of then young Comrade Cho Lucas Ayaba, the late great patriot of Ambazonia who suffered many imprisonments and tribulations from LRC called on the people of Southern Cameroons to follow the leadership of a young man whom he fully believed and knew understood the freedom cause, the strategies and tenacity to win it, and will take the struggle of the people of Ambazonia directly to the enemy in LRC.

Pa Mukong must be smiling in his peaceful sleep as that solemn passing of his baton of leadership of the struggle to liberate Ambazonia has come full circle with the recent escalation of events on the territory with the forces loyal to Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba and his block by block mantra having been deployed all over the territory ready to protect Ambazonians in legitimate self-defense.

To honour the long sacrifices of Pa Albert Mukong to liberate Ambazonia, Ambazonias must now leave their personal egos, petit agendas, red-carpet reception and wine-drinking comfort politics even as the homeland bleeds, and rally behind the revolutionary and liberation platform that the AGC and Dr. Cho Ayaba is championing. No politicking, conferences or photo ops ‘diplomatic offenses’ as some people like to say is going to save Ambazonia from occupation and systematic economic looting; only the block by block that is already in action will lay the solid foundation for a meaningful and gainful international diplomatic offensive when our leaders can speak from a position of strength to free our peace-loving people from the brutality of Cameroun forces.

Ambazonians must step up the plate and start making meaningful contributions to support the forces of ADF currently taking the weak enemy head on in our land.

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