Ambazonia Liberation Battle Starts: Sources indicate Three Cameroun Soldiers Dead


Ambazonia Liberation Battle Starts: Sources indicate Three Cameroun Soldiers Dead

Commander J, Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF)

At about 2:00 Pm on Saturday the 9th of September 2017, I received a strange call from someone who asked to meet with me immediately. I quizzed him on who he was, and the purpose of the meeting. I realized that I was being monitored, as he gave an accurate description of where I was standing and what I was wearing. I was certain inside me that my moment had come as there has been hundreds of abductions of Ambazonians by the colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun and taken to underground bunkers and other colonial prisons in French La Republique du Cameroun. Many have been missing and others have been killed and buried in mass graves. As I pondered over what might be my fate, I was ordered to go to a particular area of Commercial Avenue where I would be met by another colleague Betrand B who was in a dark blue RAV4 with tainted windows and in the company of two men and a lady. I was ordered to enter the car, and we were driven to a far-away location outside of Bamenda. I sat quietly and waited, not knowing if that was going to be my last moment in my life.

Six masked muscular and heavily armed men in military fatigues forced their way into the room in typical commando fashion. The leader of the group was simply referred to as “Commander J.” Things started to be exciting when the commander started talking, introducing the group as part of a special unit of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF). Instantly, I knew this was a scope because there has been talks and expectations of an imminent ground forces coming to defend Ambazonians from the wide spread killings and brutality of the occupational forces of Cameroun Republique.

This is the first interview by one of the top commanders of the freedom forces of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF). Commander J, is part of the squadron leading thousands of ADF forces who have been deployed throughout the territory of Ambazonian with the sole mission to defend the population and root out the occupational forces and structures of the brutal Cameroun occupiers. We have waited for days to publish this interview because while we were passing the night in Mamfe that day, an incident occurred at the Besongabang Military camp, and we had been investigating the details.

Read Excerpts directly from the trenches.

Abakwa Times: Sir, can we know the extent of your preparation for this mission?

Commander J: Our people, the great people of Ambazonia had expected us to begin defending them before now and liberating our homeland. We have waited for so long because of greed and tribal politics within what was supposed to be our united front, and its inability to truly be inclusive, representative and consultative. We are ready to begin the hard work that is required to free our people from colonial bondage and to finally deliver on the promise of a complete independent country, and offer the long awaited freedom to our peace loving people who seek just a place for them to call home. The Ambazonia people have suffered for too long and we the people, have decided that it is over! We are ready to fight in defense of our people, and we shall humble and humiliate the forces of occupation when they will finally walk across the battlefield carrying their hands up, and surrender in shame to the superiority of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF). We will defeat them completely and chased them out of our land that God gave us. No one inches of Ambazonian land shall be lost to these barbaric invaders from Cameroun Republique. They shall pay damages and reparations to the last AMBA for all the theft of our patrimony since the 1st of October 1961 the day they used brutal force to occupy our country and took us into slavery. The time for reckoning has finally come. Ambazonia shall become free and we have begun that campaign today!

Abakwa Times: From whom are you taking your orders then?

Commander J: From the millions of the people of Ambazonia who have cried and shed tears as they have been brutalized, humiliated and killed for close to sixty years today. The hand writing is on the wall and the time has come for our people to listen and follow the vision of our Revolutionary Leader and Commander-in-Chief who has spent his entire life working for this day to come. He will be addressing our nation at the right time during this defining moment of our existence to reassure our people that the tough road to our freedom has begun.

Abakwa Times: Who is this person, and what will he say?

Commander Ray: The Defense Council will make that known. We are commissioning him to galvanize and unite our people at the home front and in the diaspora. We are not going to shed our blood in vain for any corruption and eventual failure. So, we are warning even him to watch out. He knows what is at stake. We called him to come here last week. He came to the ground here. We looked at him in the eyes and he knows the stakes going forward and what to do. He must bring our people together and provide leadership once and for all.

Abakwa Times: You said you will begin today. What is going to happen?

Commander Ray: You will know. All for one, one for all!! Block-by-block!! Tell our people “we are them and they are us.” Sometimes it will be as if we are absent and nothing is going on; know that we are present, watching and will act at our chosen moment and place simply because we do not want our people killed by La Republique’s junta in mass confrontations.

  1. Just when my colleague was about asking a question, one of the armed men uttered, “Commander” in what sounded like a foreign ascent, and the Commander immediately got up, threw a picture at us, and moved out with the armed men.

As we were passing the night in Mamfe, in the dark early morning hours of Sunday September 10, 2017, we woke up to heavy gun sounds coming from Besongabang military camp.  Through investigation and word coming out of the camp from a military man at the camp who has asked for anonymity, there was heavy gun battle at the camp. The insignia found at the scene, which he showed to us corresponds with the badge of the ADF. Three (3) Cameroun army men were killed, and one was seriously injured in the head. The timing of this activity indicates that it was carried out either simultaneously or immediately after a video went viral on social media asking the ADF to begin self-defense actions for the liberation of Ambazonia. The bodies of the military men were transported in the cover of dark out of Mamfe immediately to Buea. Today, the Abakwa Times correspondence in Buea, after investigation, has determined the transportation of the bodies to Buea to be true.

Betrand B, Gustav E, and Claudine Neba

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