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Bamenda –  Representatives of the Teachers Union met with the Minister of Secondary Education of La Republique du Cameroun, Mr. Jeanne Ernest Ngalle Bibehe today in Bamenda as part of the regime’s ongoing effort to end the strike action that have seen the closure of most of the schools in the Southern Cameroons over the past 40 days. Described as one of the most substantive meetings in the 5 they have had so far with various government officials beginning with the Prime Minister, this reporter was informed that Mr. Ernest Bibehe’s demeanour was totally different from the other officials. “He did not come to preach and threatened and bribe. He came and sat down and said let’s talk,” to quote a teacher’s representative. Whereas every meeting the teachers had held had had the biggest elephant in the room banned from even being mentioned, Mr. Ngalle was not averse to having talk of Federation on the table though he was adamant about “secession.” The teachers felt that for the first time, they were being taken seriously though they maintained, in a communique afterward, that the strike and the “Ghost Town” must continue and that there really was no need for dialogue when protesters were being held in Yaoundé under inhuman conditions. They once more call for the release of all the youths that were kidnapped from the Southern Cameroons and taken to Yaoundé.

At the time of filing this report, abakwatimes have been notified by the teachers that they had just received a call from Yaoundé from the Ministers chief of staff with information that some of the kidnapped kids have been release but that they could not confirm the information. They were further informed that the President of La Republique du Cameroun will be creating a commission comprising “Anglophones” and Francophones to discuss the state of the “Union” though this reporter could not confirm if that meant a discussion of Federation will be on the table or not. In light of Mr. Biya’s “one and indivisible” New Year message, it will seem farfetched.

For Abakwatimes, Nwanab.


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