Chris Weah Reporting.

Sunday, February 11, 8:02 AM

(Bamenda) – There has been a massive retaliatory response from the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) on the occupational forces of La Republique du Cameroun, as ADF special forces captured the colonial Divisional Officer of Batibo, after a gun battle that led to the death of three of his gendarme bodyguards. His car was burnt to ashes. This DO has been one of the most notorious LRC agent who has been causing havoc to the Ambazonian population in Batibo.



This action is coming as the ADF forces consolidated their positions yesterday in the city of Bamenda where a massive operation was carried out to dismantle checkpoints and chase gendarmes and birs who were responsible for the gruesome slaughter of Sam Soya. Abakwa Times reporter first got the news of the arrest of the Batibo DO and three of the occupational gendarmes in the wee hours of the morning. The whereabout of the colonial foremaster of Batibo was not immediately revealed to Abakwa Time, but a highly placed source in the ADF has told Abakwa Times that ‘this is a strong message to all agents of LRC, SDOs, DOs, gendarmes, birs that they should all park their bags and leave Ambazonian territory immediately or they are going to be die’. The ADF Special Forces team was able a couple of days ago to requisition firearms from the colonial forces after a serious gun battle and this reporter has been made privy to the weapons haul. It was somewhat jarring to see some of the guns with red threads tied at the head. There is a believe amongst the colonial forces that with the red thread, they will be able to kill ADF soldiers due to their belief that ADF soldiers have local gun proof, what they refer to as “Odeshi.” It seems as if the anti-Odeshi did not work this time.


A source close to the AGC has confirmed the raid in Batibo and said the AGC was asking the government of lrc to show any signs of life of Julius Ayuk and other Ambazonian citizens kidnapped as refugees in Nigeria before giving any further information about the arrested DO.

In other news, the ADF instituted a checkpoint in Bamenda, stoping all the vehicles attempting to enter the town in the night with fears that citizens from LRC were being imported to march at the 11 of February event in Bamenda. The shocking and distressing thing for the ADF forces was that the occupation forces refused to come out and confront them.


Friday, February 09, 8:08

“we are dealing with a barbaric, amoral, terrorist outfit who have no compunction about burning whole villages, burning the old and the infirm in their beds, beheading innocent civilians who fall into their hands, using tactics design to drive terror into the hearts of our people and discouraging them from defending themselves, these people have no fear of the law and follow no law.”


(Bamenda) – Tension is high today in Bamenda, the largest city in Ambazonia, after members of the ADF Special Forces carried out an operation in City Chemist Roundabout that resulted in the death of an occupation force and his weapon requisitioned by the ADF team. As of this report, members of the Special Forces team were back safe and sound in their base and already planning for their next operations.


Reports also reached this reporter of three people gunned down in Bui County and 4 arrested in the City of Batibo in Momo county with one already executed and I contacted the ADF and spoke for a minute with the Chairman of the Defense Council Mr. Benedict Kuah about the reasons for these actions. He indicated that unfortunately he fears that Ambazonia will lose its innocence in this fight for liberation, “we are dealing with a barbaric, amoral, terrorist outfit who have no compunction about burning whole villages, burning the old and the infirm in their beds, beheading innocent civilians who fall into their hands, using tactics design to drive terror into the hearts of our people and discouraging them from defending themselves, these people have no fear of the law and follow no law. The video of an Ambazonian bearing false witness against Sam Soya and the resultant beheading of this innocent Ambazonian has led the ADF to no more adopt the policy of tolerating betrayers in the midst of our people. The actions taken in Bui and Momo was to send a clear message to our people that if you collaborate with the occupiers, we will treat you as we treat them. You will be executed. We will not tolerate anyone to get away with pointing their fingers at those who are attempting to complete the difficult job of liberating our land. Betrayers will be executed!”

Bamenda is also right now in the grip of these sadistic thugs wearing the uniform and authority of the state of Cameroun. I know that as a reporter, I have to keep a level of objectivity, but to witness the burning of an old woman on her bed, to see the beheading of at worst a suspect, to now see mothers and fathers in Commercial Avenue in Bamenda, going about their business now rounded up and asked to do pushups while being whipped on their backs, buttocks and thighs, to see homes and businesses being broken into and looted and smashed, throws objectivity out the window. These are brutal, sadistic, inhuman acts that should touch the humanity of all of us. Extortions seems to be the order of the day, as we are receiving reports of business owners being rounded up and they are paying extortion money to be released, if even that. Shops without their owners present are looted and the names and addresses of the store owners acquired and these brutes go to their homes to harass, extort and ransacked their homes. They are being accused of sponsoring the demonstrations and search for rights of the people of ambazonia. We got in touch with one Ma Lamfuye, who lamented the pick up and torture of her husband and the looting of their livelihood. Ma Fabian, Pa Tomfain, Pa Azafor…, even an absent store owner, name given as Dzeaye, had the store and home ransacked and looted. It is a mindboggling show of a military state’s intent on punishing as a whole, a population, for the “crimes” of a few, and woe betides anyone caught with a contrary political view than that of the CPDM, or anything that expresses sympathy for the search of rights for the people of Ambazonia. 

Filed in Bamenda.




Thursday, February 01, 10:00 AM

(Bamenda) – If there was any doubt, it has now been established; the Ambazonia Defense Forces, is the Ambazonian army. In the last two weeks, from county to county, from Belo, to Bui, Mezam, Momo, Manyu, Meme… it has carried out a surgical well planned and well thought out operations that is not just mind buggling with its scale and ambition, but the terror with which it is now viewed not just in Yaoundé, but in Abuja. A new paradigm is settling in in Abuja that maybe, just maybe, they should be preparing to deal with an independent Ambazonia at their borders, sooner rather than later.

In actions in broad daylight in Mile 6 Nkwen, an ADF Special Forces team of two, engaged in a ten minutes hand to hand combat in front of a supermarket, going up against two members of the occupation forces. One of the occupation forces lost his life and his M21 rifle, not through a gun shot wound, but through knife wounds for as this reporter was briefed, the ADF Special Forces had a malfunction with their arms and had to go in for hand to hand combat. One of the murderous occupiers was able to get into the supermarket and got away.

It was the same scenario in Belo, but this time, Wednesday night, ADF Special Forces engaged in a gun battle that neutralized the arsonists from LRC who burn old women in their beds and massacre young men in our streets, they were able to retrieve the two rifles of these arsonists.

Breaking this moment, ADF has gone operation in Meme, its Forces in KwaKwa has engaged and reports reaching us say that the arsonists cars are on fire. Also we are getting reports from the ADF defense department of actions that have taken place in Munyenge and Muyuka with two weapons of genocide recovered from the hands of the ‘genocidairs’ as the Defense Department puts it…

We will bring you information as they develop. Events seems to be erupting by the minute.


Thursday, January 25, 8:00 AM

UPDATE; La Republique Du Cameroun sustained its worst day in the fight for the soul of Ambazonia as from north to south, it sustained heavy casualties. In Ekok, in Manyu county of Ambazonia, the ADF ground forces invaded the town, taking it over for several hours and systematically leveling the institutions of colonialism that had been prosecuting LRC war of terrorism and genocide in Ambazonia. The customs post, the police station and the gendarmerie stations were all blown to bits and when reinforcement from LRC elite BIR forces were sent to relieve the Gendarmerie barracks, two of their trucks were blown and as was the case at the customs, gendarmerie, and police stations, the survivors took to their heels.

Confirmed casualties as of now is in the range of anywhere between 10 and 20 though with two trucks blown up, it might actually be as high as 50 or even more. Most of the city has evacuated to neighboring Nigeria as of this moment, as LRC has cut internet and imposed a blackout for no images to be beamed to the world as helicopters are flying in and out ferrying the dead and the wounded. we will keep updating as more information becomes available

(Bamenda) – The ADF has brought out its ground forces, a few weeks after they engaged in one of the biggest fights in this liberation struggle in Dadi and Mamfe. Tonight, this reporter is getting reports from sources that the 1st(Nchang Shoe) and 2nd(Coffin Revolution) Battalions of the ADF have left camp for a major offensive. The Ambazonian ground forces swept into Ekok blowing up the Customs building as well as a trucks full of forces of La Republique Du Cameroun, according to a harried briefing from the Chief of Commands of the 2nd Battalion, Commander Akuma Fru.

(Kumbo) – ADF moves in Kumbo as they keep up their pressure on the genocidal forces of occupation with their mantra of block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood. Reports of weapons seized and at least one colonial forces dead with many wounded, one critically. Image of the cost of occupation and genocide last night in Kumbo


We were also informed of the successful mission carried out by the Special Forces in Fundong as its offensive in the Northern Region of Ambazonia continues. We are waiting for briefings from the Governing Council and also Defense Council as well as the Defense Department


(Buea) – Corrections have been made to this story filed yesterday by our reporter embedded with the ADF Special Forces. We will always try to bring you the truth and we are sorry that some parts of this story rested on expected outcomes rather than actual outcomes. Based on the fact that our reporters have almost lost their lives being caught by the occupiers near sites where operations had just taken place, seeing how the ADF Special Forces teams were pouring fire into the gas tanks at Tradex and knowing same were being done elsewhere, our reporter left the scene and took off before any firefights could occur and not to be caught in the after action reprisals from the occupiers. In doing so, he assumed there was no way to amount of gunfire into the petrol tanks will fail to ignite it. We are sorry for this error.

Editor, Abakwa Times

Chi Weah Reporting.

January 23, 4:00 PM

(Bamenda) – Bamenda is in flames panic as the ADF Special Forces team continue its operations. At the start, a lot of us thought that this was a hit and run affair, but this news organization can now confidently say that the war has reached Bamenda. Bamenda is now a war zone. After more than ten deaths of LRC soldiers and today, the economic blow suffered with the attacks at the Total Petrol Station in Ntarinkon and Nkwen and also TRADEX PETROL (headed by Adolf Modiki and answerable only to the presidency) and the ongoing pitch battles as we keep hearing gun shots all over town, Bamenda is a war zone.

This has not turn out to be the passing fancy many of us thought, and one thing that our informants are telling us that makes it hard to believe, is that the occupation forces are so scared that most have ran away from downtown Bamenda. Their fear, it seems is exacerbated by the fact that their superiors are disarming them because of the fear that the ADF will requisition their weapons if they are killed. How such a thinking wins you a war or make your soldiers stand up and fight, beats this reporter, but that their superiors already feel that they will lose in a straight-up battle with the ADF is a thought that I do not know if their political handlers in Yaoundé will appreciate. 

We will bring you updates as they occur.

January 22, 9:15 PM

(Bamenda) – Abakwatimes just received this evening the following press statement from the communication desk of the Defense Department of the ADF:

Third day of the battle in Bamenda!
Earlier today the *AGC/ADF family* declared the day a day of mourning for *Mami Appih* and all those ruthlessly slaughtered by the barbaric occupation forces from LRC. In honor of this declaration, the people’s army, ADF Special Force units, the 1st and 2nd fighting battalions of the ADF ground forces, the Nchang shoe and the Coffin Revolution battalions, baptized their operations tonight as
*“OPERATION MAMI APPIH,”* to mourn, honor and send some of the occupiers to lay down the carpet for her journey to heaven.
The *ADF* will never backdown from the task of punishing ruthlessly the occupiers for waging a genocide against our people and their crazy belief that they can get away by treating our people with impunity
The fight continues!

*Defend your neighborhood, BLOCK BY BLOCK*

January 22, 8 AM

(Bamenda) – In a series of actions beginning Friday January 19, ADF Special Forces carried out raids on occupation forces camps and positions in Mbengwi and Bamenda. ADF confirms 8 occupation forces killed and this news organization is getting reports that the number might have climbed north of 13. The Deputy Chief of Defense of the ADF, Chief Kaavi, confirmed for us that these are not isolated actions, but a continuation of the liberation struggle, “we are at war, and our people should not expect that we will be doing isolated actions and talking about it every time. Always expect that while you sleep, the ADF is in the field every time. We will remain there until Cameroun is out of our territory.”

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Defense Department, Mr. Fuler Ayamba, indicated that the AGC/ADF family is mourning mami Appih today, the Ambazonian grand mother who was burnt to death in her bed while peacefully sleeping by the occupation forces of LRC. He indicated that, “there are certain iconic images that captures the soul of any revolution. The image of the young university of Buea student, who was brutalized by the occupation forces and asked to roll and bath herself in an open sewer in broad daylight perfectly encapsulated the heart of our peaceful resistance and the depths to which our occupiers will descend to, to humiliate us. The image of mami Appih, burnt to nothing by these ‘genocidaires,’ captures the genocide and the level the occupiers will descend to, in order to hold us in bondage. This is why we fight! So today we mourn mami Appih.”

The SG went further to tell us that the Defense Council Chairman, Benedict Kuah, earlier this morning informed the men and women of the 1st fighting battalion (the Nchange Shoe battalion), the 2nd fighting battalion (the Coffin Revolution battalion) and all the Special Forces Units of the ADF that today was a day to mourn mami Appih. That our people should pause and say a short prayer for her today, and all those who have died for Ambazonia.


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