The ‘Shikpuladze’, announces adoption of ‘Block By Block’

The ‘Shikpuladze’, announces adoption of ‘Block By Block’

Awoh B.

20841822_121644175240737_7990940530276629155_nWhen the one and only ‘Shikpuladze’, the most secret juju from the Nso clan dating over 2000 years was seen in public for the first time last week following the brutal cold-blooded killing by gendarmes of the occupational forces of LRC of the son of Shufaay Yuwar a powerful Nso kinsman, all the soothsayers, and guardians of the secret shrines of the kingdom knew that a very dark spell was hovering over the entire land.  According to Nso tradition, the Shikpuladze is a very vengeful beast that will stop at nothing to revenge the death of a subject of the land of Nso. The legend goes that, the dreadful juju will not rest until all those who had the knowledge of the murder even if they are in Yaounde follow the deceased below six feet.

While the Shikpuladze is hard at work, silently going after the killers of the son of the clan, the population of the entire clan took their anger to the next level during the funeral of the young man by openly singing the national anthem of Ambazonia, hoisting the beautiful blue and white flag of the Ambazonia nation and people in the heart of the palace square and in front of their king. In the process, they declared independence and pledged their unflinching allegiance to the Block-By-Block strategy of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC) and the Chairman of the Governing Council and Commander in Chief of the liberation forces, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba. This was a turning point in Nso land also known as the Bagdad of resistance against the LRC led occupation of Ambazonia, who have often paid a high price in the brutality of the occupational forces of French La Republique du Cameroun.

Man no run, Shikpladze is coming!!!


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